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NPA NXX Area Code Database List ... - Area Codes by State
NPA NXX Area Code Database List & demographics, Directory of Area Codes NPA NXX, Exchanges, CLLi, Lat/Lon, Carrier, Landline/Cell indicator.
State Area Codes - - States and Capitals
Area codes directory by state. State Area Codes. Alabama Area Codes: 205 - 251 - 256 - 334. Alaska Area Codes:
NANPA : Area Code Map
Area Codes Map HTML Version. For U.S. area code maps, select a state either by clicking on the map or in the alphabetical list below. These maps have been specifically designed to be legible enough to read, but with small enough file sizes to permit effic ..
Area Codes - locator & complete guide for US/Canada
Locator for telephone area codes in the USA, Canada and some Caribbean Islands; lookup cities in an area code and viceversa - detailed information on all codes including map and time zone/current time
LincMad Telephone Area Codes & Splits
Information about North American area codes, featuring changes, historical data and area code map. Detailed information on overlays and splits.
US Area Codes By State - World Map / World Atlas / Atlas of ...
To faciltiate the millions of phone users, the United States of America is divided into regions known as Area Codes, corresponding to particular geographic telephone dialing areas. Based around major cities, some low population states such as Idaho and Mo
Area codes 714 and 657 - Wikipedia
Area code 714 is a California telephone area code that was split from area code 213 as a flash-cut in 1951. Area code 657 is an overlay of 714 that became effective on September 23, 2008.
Find ZIP Codes Inside a User Defined Area - Free Map Tools
Find ZIP Codes Inside a User Defined Area. Map of the USA where you can specify a custom area to search within to return all the ZIP codes found inside that area. ..
Area Codes - California Public Utilities Commission
On June 13, 2019, the CPUC ordered an overlay that will add the 840 area code to the existing 909 area code, which serves the southwestern portion of San Bernardino County, the eastern portion of Los Angeles County, and small portions of Orange and Rivers
Area Code Map - Interactive and Printable - Area codes locator
Individual Area Codes. In addition to the national and state maps listed above, provides maps for each area code. Just enter the area code in the search box to see a map of an individual area code plus the time zone, current time, history

LincMad’s 2019 Area Code Map with Time Zones
The map now shows time zones! From the second Sunday in March until the first Sunday in November each year — for example, from 2019‑03‑10 to 2019‑11‑03, and from 2020‑03‑08 to 2020‑11‑01 — most areas observe Daylight Saving Time, moving clocks
Area codes 978 and 351 - Wikipedia
Area code 978 was created as a split from area code 508 on September 1, 1997 and covers north central and most of northeastern Massachusetts (LATA code 128). Use of 978 became mandatory on February 1, 1998.
Area codes locator - Area code lookup by number or city
Contrary to what most Americans are likely to believe, area codes exist outside of the US. There are 405 area codes in the world: 326 in the US, 42 in Canada, 17 non-geographic, and 20 others.
1+ Area Codes & Country Codes - Lookup US area codes ...
1+ Area Codes & Country Codes The most comprehensive US area codes and international country calling code lookup on the net. Includes world city dialing codes in alpha and numeric directory.
CNA -Canadian Area Code Maps
Canadian Area Code Maps |Canadian Area Codes|B.C. Lower Mainland|Southern Ontario|Southern Québec|Canadian Area Codes|B.C. Lower Mainland|Southern Ontario|Southern ...
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